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Who we are

neil meader

Metallis Consulting Ltd is run by Neil Meader, an analyst with 25 years' experience in the field of commodities. He is perhaps best known for his 12 years at the consultancy GFMS. There (when part of Thomson Reuters), he had risen to become Head of Precious Metals Research & Forecasts, a role that entailed ultimate responsibility for the unit's supply/demand numbers and price forecasts. Prior to that, Neil worked as an analyst in soft commodities trading and in the energy sector. He has a degree in economic history from Exeter University.

Key strengths:

• a leading authority on precious metals' overall supply and demand fundamentals, and their price trends.
• a developer of new insights, such as pioneering the linkage of the rate of return of jewellery stocks to scrap figures.
• a challenger of accepted norms; upon inheriting responsibility for India, he quickly saw that the country's silver jewellery fabrication numbers needed to be greatly increased to reflect consumption realities.
• a champion of often neglected areas, such as developing a thorough analysis of non-jewellery scrap for gold.

A Global Reach:

    Research: Neil has carried out extensive field research in western Europe, Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Middle East and India. His role in coordinating input from all GFMS' analysts also means no corner is 'foreign' to him.

    Conferences: Neil launched GFMS' Gold Survey in London and Toronto, and its World Silver Survey in New York and Mexico City. He has also given presentations and featured in panel discussions in cities as diverse as Frankfurt and Shenzhen, Moscow and Milan.

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