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What we do

Metallis Consulting Ltd is in a position to provide the following services:
• top down analysis of the supply/demand fundamentals
• bottom up, forensic scrutiny of individual market sectors or countries
• supply, demand and price forecasts, incorporating the latest inputs from the macroeconomic backdrop
• speaking at conferences, seminars and panel discussions
• other bespoke or regular services, such as the creation of ‘white label’, market commentary reports

Areas of expertise:

• fabrication, in particular:
- jewellery production, consumption and its trade
- industrial demand, such as electronics, plating,
electro-forming and dentistry
- silverware
•  jewellery recycling/refining, both at a country level and from a modelling perspective
•  other scrap, including supplies from industrial, electronic, photographic or coin sources
•  investment, both institutional and retail
•  central bank activity

Neil Meader at LBMA Conference, Rome, 2013